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  1. DassS.JhaR.,   
    "Underwater low acoustic frequency detection based on in-line Mach-Zehnder interferometer",   Journal of the Optical Society of America B: Optical Physics38 (2)570 -5752021  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  2. "Long-Term LoRa Experiments in a Chemical Plant",   Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology (2nd IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology, ICIT 2021, Valencia, 10 March 2021 - 12 March 2021)Volume 2021-March1125 -11302021  (SES)School of Electrical Sciences
  3. "Optimal Coverage Analysis of a CP-OFDM/FBMC based Device-to-Device Communication System",   IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference (93rd IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference, VTC 2021-Spring, Virtual, Online, 25 April 2021)2021-April2021  (SES)School of Electrical Sciences
  4. "Search for resonant and nonresonant new phenomena in high-mass dilepton final states at √s = 13 TeV",   Journal of High Energy Physics2021 (7)2021  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  5. "Search for a heavy vector resonance decaying to a Z boson and a Higgs boson in proton-proton collisions at √s=13Te",   European Physical Journal C81 (8)2021  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  6. "Trajectory-Based Scene Understanding Using Dirichlet Process Mixture Model",   IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics51 (8)4148 -41612021  (SES)School of Electrical Sciences
  7. "Enhanced Oxygen Evolution Reaction with a Ternary Hybrid of Patronite-Carbon Nanotube-Reduced Graphene Oxide: A Synergy between Experiments and Theory",   ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces13 (30)35828 -358362021  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  8. "Greenhouse gas emissions in sludge ultrasonication followed by anaerobic digestion processes",   Bioresource Technology3412021  (SIF)School of Infrastructure
  9. "Topic-based Video Analysis: A Survey",   ACM COMPUTING SURVEYS54 (6)2021  (SES)School of Electrical Sciences
  10. JanaI.[et al.],   
    "Circular law for random block band matrices with genuinely sublinear bandwidth",   JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS62 (8)2021  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  11. GhoraS.NayakT.SahooS.,   
    "On Fatou Sets Containing Baker Omitted Value",   JOURNAL OF DYNAMICS AND DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS2021  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  12. SamalP.[et al.],   
    "Multi-response modeling for sliding wear behavior of AA5052/TiC composites by stir casting: A comparative analysis using response surface methodology and fuzzy logic system",   PROCEEDINGS OF THE INSTITUTION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS PART E-JOURNAL OF PROCESS MECHANICAL ENGINEERING2021  (SMS)School of Mechanical Sciences
  13. BiswalU.S.DinakarP.,   
    "Effect of aggregate grading on the fresh and mechanical performance of recycled aggregate self-compacting concrete",   Indian Concrete Journal95 (5)30-402021  (SIF)School of Infrastructure
  14. "Physics-informed neural networks for estimating stress transfer mechanics in single lap joints",   Journal of Zhejiang University: Science A22 (8)621-6312021  (SMS)School of Mechanical Sciences
  15. "Recent advances in engineered metal oxide nanostructures for supercapacitor applications: Experimental and theoretical aspects",   Journal of Materials Chemistry A9 (33)17643 -177002021  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  16. "Anomalous magnetoresistance and magneto-thermal properties of the half-Heuslers, RPdSi (R = Y, Gd-Er)",   Journal of Physics Condensed Matter33 (43)2021  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  17. "Mechanism of microstructure and texture evolution during shear loading of AA6063 alloys",   Journal of Alloys and Compounds8892021  (SMMME)School of Minerals, Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
  18. "Search for the decay Bs0 →η′η",   Physical Review D104 (3)2021  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  19. "A 2D model for prediction of nanoparticle distribution and microstructure evolution during solidification of metal matrix nanocomposites",   Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering29 (6)2021  (SMS)School of Mechanical Sciences
  20. "Search for the decay B-s(0) -> eta 'eta",   PHYSICAL REVIEW D104 (3)2021  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  21. "Nutrient removal from domestic wastewater: A comprehensive review on conventional and advanced technologies ",   JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENTELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD2962021  (SIF)School of Infrastructure
  22. RaoB.H.[et al.],   
    "Combined effect of mineralogical and chemical parameters on swelling behaviour of expansive soils",   SCIENTIFIC REPORTS11 (1)2021  (SIF)School of Infrastructure
  23. "Aerosol Induced Changes in Sea Surface Temperature Over the Bay of Bengal Due to COVID-19 Lockdown",   FRONTIERS IN MARINE SCIENCE2021  (SEOCS)School of Earth, Ocean and Climate Sciences
  24. BhadoriaN.S.BartaryaG.,   
    "On the improvement in process performance of ceramic inserts during hard turning in MQL environment",   MATERIALS AND MANUFACTURING PROCESSES2021  (SMS)School of Mechanical Sciences
  25. BeheraJ.BandyopadhyayM.,   
  26. "Emerging technologies in cool pavements: A review ",   CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS2992021  (SIF)School of Infrastructure
  27. ChandaD.SahaR.HaldarS.,   
    "Experimental Investigation of Piled Raft Foundation Under Combined Vertical, Lateral and Moment Loads",   Construction in Geotechnical Engineering84325-338 2020  (SIF)School of Infrastructure
  28. "Analysis of Preload Effect in the Axisymmetric Damped Steel Wire Using Ultrasonic Guided Wave Monitoring",   Engineering Proceedings MDPI2 (1)1-72020  (SIF)School of Infrastructure
Total Results: 3989