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  1. "Water pollutants p-Cresol detection based on Au-ZnO nanoparticles modified tapered optical fiber",   IEEE Transactions on Nanobioscience2021  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  2. DashS.P.MallikR.K.BadriR.R.,   
  3. "In-medium modification of dijets in PbPb collisions at root s(NN)=5.02 TeV",   JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS 52021  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  4. "Regional disparity in summer monsoon precipitation in the Indian subcontinent during Northgrippian to Meghalayan transition",   CURRENT SCIENCE 120 (9)1449-14572021  (SEOCS)School of Earth, Ocean and Climate Sciences
  5. "A 2(7)-1, 20-Gb/s, Low-Power, Charge-Steering Half-Rate PRBS Generator in 1.2 V, 65 nm CMOS",   CIRCUITS SYSTEMS AND SIGNAL PROCESSING 2021  (SES)School of Electrical Sciences
  6. JodderJ.HofmannA.UeckermannH.,   
  7. KumarP.[et al.],   
    "Impact of climate change on cereal production: evidence from lower-middle-income countries",   ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND POLLUTION RESEARCH 2021  (HSSM)School of Humanities, Social Sciences & Management
  8. SakateP.M.MullickS.GopinathM.,   
  9. JadonL.ArumuruV.,   
    "Numerical Investigation on Heat Transfer and Flow Characteristics of a Confined Circular Cylinder with Slit",   Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering Applications12 (5)2021  (SMS)School of Mechanical Sciences
  10. "Source characterization of trace elements and assessment of heavy metal contamination in the soil around Tarabalo geothermal field, Odisha, India",   Arabian Journal of Geosciences14 (11)2021  (SEOCS)School of Earth, Ocean and Climate Sciences
  11. "Analysis of Railway Embankment Supported with Geosynthetic-Encased Stone Columns in Soft Clays: A Case Study",   International Journal of Geosynthetics and Ground Engineering7 (2)2021  (SIF)School of Infrastructure
  12. "Flux dependent current rectification in geometrically symmetric interconnected triple-dot Aharanov-Bohm interferometer",   Physica E: Low-Dimensional Systems and Nanostructures1332021  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  13. AhamedM.B.AlluV.HalderH.,   
    "Bohr radius for certain classes of close-to-convex harmonic mappings",   Analysis and Mathematical Physics11 (3)2021  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  14. "Measurements of the branching fractions of Lambda(+)(c) -> p eta and Lambda(+)(c) -> p pi(0) decays at Belle",   PHYSICAL REVIEW D 103 (7)2021  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  15. "Measurement of branching fraction and search for CP violation in B -> phi phi K",   PHYSICAL REVIEW D 103 (5)2021  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  16. "High Thermoelectric Performance in n-Type Degenerate ZrNiSn-Based Half-Heusler Alloys Driven by Enhanced Weighted Mobility and Lattice Anharmonicity ",   ACS APPLIED ENERGY MATERIALS 4 (4)3393-34032021  (SMMME)School of Minerals, Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
  17. "Paleoceanographic turnovers during the Plio-Pleistocene in the southeastern Indian Ocean: Linkages with Northern Hemisphere glaciation and Indian Monsoon variability ",   PALAEOGEOGRAPHY PALAEOCLIMATOLOGY PALAEOECOLOGY 5712021  (SEOCS)School of Earth, Ocean and Climate Sciences
  18. "Influence of stiffness of dry lean concrete base on load stresses in the plain cement concrete slab of concrete pavements ",   ROAD MATERIALS AND PAVEMENT DESIGN 2021  (SIF)School of Infrastructure
  19. DuttaM.ThomasAnoop,   
    "Decentralized Coded Caching for Shared Caches ",   IEEE COMMUNICATIONS LETTERS 25 (5)1458-14622021  (SES)School of Electrical Sciences
  20. PradhanS.K.SahooU.C.,   
    "Influence of softer binder and rejuvenator on bituminous mixtures containing reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) material",   International Journal of Transportation Science and Technology2021  (SIF)School of Infrastructure
  21. "High-frequency shifts in the Indian summer monsoon following termination of the YD event",   QUATERNARY SCIENCE REVIEWS 2592021  (SEOCS)School of Earth, Ocean and Climate Sciences
  22. "Single Mn Atom Doping in Chiral Sensitive Assembled Gold Clusters to Molecular Magnet",   ACS NANO 15 (4)6289-62952021  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  23. SinhaP.[et al.],   
    "Spatio-temporal variability of summer monsoon surface air temperature over India and its regions using Regional Climate Model",   INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLIMATOLOGY 2021  (SEOCS)School of Earth, Ocean and Climate Sciences
Total Results: 3989