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Ph.D. Thesis submitted and awarded by IIT Bhubaneswar

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  1. New Researcher: Krishna Pada Bauri   Supervised By: Dr. Arindam Sarkar
    Turbulent flow around fully submerged circular and square cylinders over plane and scoured beds subjected to change of alignment angle,  2021   (SIF)Infrastructure
  2. New Researcher: Balija Sivakrishna   Supervised By: Dr. Shantanu Pal
    Synthesis with Anti-Cancer Potency of Modified Nucleosides and Development of New Synthetic Avenue to Cyclitols,  2021   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  3. New Researcher: Pintu Prusty   Supervised By: Dr. Syed Hilal Farooq
    Effect of saltwater intrusion on coastal groundwater quality and aquifer sediments,  2021   (SEOCS)Earth Ocean and Climate Sciences
  4. New Researcher: Samiran Mandal   Supervised By: Dr Sourav Sil, Prof. Avijit Gangopadh
    Multiscale circulation variability using high frequency (hf) radar current observations along the Indian coast,  2021   (SEOCS)Earth Ocean and Climate Sciences
  5. New Researcher: Anurag Priyadarshi   Supervised By: Dr. Srinivas Bhaskar Karanki
    Development of transformerless power electronic converter topologies for high-voltage-gain applications,  2021   (SES)Electrical Sciences
  6. New Researcher: Ansuman Padhi   Supervised By: Dr. Mihir Kumar Pandit
    Static, vibration and impact behaviour of laminated sandwich plate,  2021   (SMS)Mechanical Sciences
  7. New Researcher: Kusha Kumar Naik   Supervised By: Prof. Saroj K. Nayak, Rout, Dr. Chandra Sekhar Rout
    Multi-functional nanosheet arrays for field emission and biosensing applications,  2021   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  8. New Researcher: Anil D. Pathak   Supervised By: Dr. Soobhankar Pati & Dr. Kisor Kumar Sahu
    NANOPOROUS SILICON ANODE FOR LITHIUM-ION BATTERIES,  2021   (SMMME)Minerals, Metallurgical, and Materials Engineering
  9. Researcher: Dharmendra Dixit   Supervised By: Dr. Pravas Ranjan Sahu
    Performance of cooperative communication systems over symmetric and mixed fading channels,  2020   (SES)Electrical Sciences
  10. Researcher: Srikanth Allamsetty   Supervised By: Dr. Sankarsan Mohapatro
    Modeling and prediction of NOx (NO+NO2) in non-thermal plasma treated diesel exhaust based on different operating parameters,  2020   (SES)Electrical Sciences
  11. Researcher: Anuradha Mohanty   Supervised By: Prof. Sujit Roy
    Dual metal/bimetallic catalysis : novel routes to carbon-carbon and carbon-heteroatom bond formation,  2020   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  12. Researcher: Himadri Baisya   Supervised By: Dr. Sandeep Pattnaik
    Factors modulating convection during the transition phase of intense rain-bearing systems over the Indian region,  2020   (SEOCS)Earth Ocean and Climate Sciences
  13. Researcher: Narala Gangadhara Reddy   Supervised By: Dr. B. Hanumanta Rao
    Geotechnical and geoenvironmental characterization of red mud with different amendments,  2020   (SIF)Infrastructure
  14. Researcher: Ayon Chakraborty   Supervised By: Dr. Ashis Biswas
    Role of various environmental stresses and small materials on the structure and function of mycobacterium leprae HSP18 - a biopfysical study,  2020   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  15. Researcher: Malaya Mohanty   Supervised By: Dr. Partha Pratim Dey
    Operational effects of U-turns at median openings on six-lane divided urban roads,  2020   (SIF)Infrastructure
  16. Researcher: Raj Kishore   Supervised By: Dr. Kisor Kumar Sahu
    Development of new modularity function for unsupervised machine learning in granular materials,  2020   (SMMME)Minerals, Metallurgical, and Materials Engineering
  17. Researcher: Anil Kumar Verma   Supervised By: Prof. Swarup Kumar Mahapatra and Dr. Prasenjit Rath
    Conjugate heat transfer in turbid media,  2020   (SMS)Mechanical Sciences
  18. Researcher: Santosh Kumar Sahoo   Supervised By: Dr. Prasenjit Rath and Dr. Mihir Kumar Das
    Temperature Control of Electronic Component using Phase Change Material Based Heat Sink,  2020   (SMS)Mechanical Sciences
  19. Researcher: Santhosh K. K.   Supervised By: Dr. Debi Prasad Dogra
    Computer vision in intelligent transportation systems : challenges and possibilities,  2020   (SES)Electrical Sciences
  20. Researcher: Mihir Ranjan Sahoo   Supervised By: Prof. Saroj Kumar Nayak
    Interfacial electronic structure of low dimensional carbon based systems: magnetic and catalytic properties,  2020   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  21. Researcher: Bikash Mahato   Supervised By: Dr. Yogesh G. Bhumkar
    Numerical analysis of Aeolian tone generation and its control for laminar flow past bluff bodies,  2020   (SMS)Mechanical Sciences
  22. Researcher: Sumit Dass   Supervised By: Dr. Rajan Jha
    Design,fabrication and applications of optical microfiber based structures as curvature and acoustic sensors,  2020   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  23. Researcher: Kajari Chatterjee   Supervised By: Kisor Kumar Sahu
    Task specific room temperature ionic liquids: design and syntheses for separation and energy applications,  2020   (SMMME)Minerals, Metallurgical, and Materials Engineering
  24. Researcher: Horthing Z V   Supervised By: Dr. Syed Hilal Farooq
    Hydro-geochemistry of thermal spring water of odisha and evaluation of their geothermal potential,  2020   (SEOCS)Earth Ocean and Climate Sciences
  25. Researcher: Prakash Kumar Panda   Supervised By: Debalina Ghosh
    Performance enhancement of antennas using metasurfaces,  2020   (SES)Electrical Sciences
  26. Researcher: Uttam Kumar Chanda   Supervised By: Dr.Soobhankar Pati
    Electrodeposited Ni-Cr-P and Ni-Mo-Cr-P coatings for metallic bipolar plates inpolymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell,  2020   (SMMME)Minerals, Metallurgical, and Materials Engineering
  27. Researcher: Amman Jakhar   Supervised By: Dr. P. Rath and Prof. S.K. Mahapatra
  28. Researcher: Gurjeet Singh   Supervised By: Prof. Rabindra Kumar Panda
  29. Researcher: Rabindra Nath Pradhan   Supervised By: Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Singh
    T1 and paraCEST based molecular contrast agents for MRI ,  2020   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  30. Researcher: R Raju Nadimpalli   Supervised By: Prof. U. C. Mohanty and Dr. Sourav Sil
    Prediction of track and intensity of tropical cyclones over the bay of Bengal: role of high resolution initialization and assimilation ,  2020   (SEOCS)Earth Ocean and Climate Sciences
  31. Researcher: Hemanta Kumar Sahu   Supervised By: Pravas Ranjan Sahu
    Analysis of cooperative communication system with SSK modulation and energy harvesting,  2020   (SES)Electrical Sciences
  32. Researcher: Bijaya Kumar Sahu   Supervised By: Dr. Sabyasachi Pani
    Equilibrium problems with its applications to hemi-variational inequalities and complementarity problems,  2020   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  33. Researcher: Anoop Kumar Kushwaha   Supervised By: Prof. Saroj Kumar Naya
    Atomic and electronic structures of lithium clusters in electrolytic solvents,  2020   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  34. Researcher: Ashutosh Rajendra Dubey   Supervised By: Dr. Malay Kumar Bandyopadhyay
    Probability distribution functions of relevant Brownian functionals: few case studies in classical dynamics and extension for a quantum case,  2020   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  35. Researcher: Ruchi Dilip Kukde   Supervised By: Dr. M. Sabarimalai Manikandan and Prof. Ganapati Panda
    Development and performance evaluation of adaptive algorithms for distributed active noise control,  2020   (SES)Electrical Sciences
  36. Researcher: Samit Ghosh   Supervised By: Dr. T. V. S. Sekhar
    A numerical investigation of fully non-linear magnetohydrodynamic flows with heat transfer around bluff bodies,  2020   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  37. Researcher: Ganta Naveen   Supervised By: Dr. Yogesh G. Bhumkar
    Direct numerical simulation of sound radiated by a laminar flow past a circular cylinder performing rotary oscillations,  2020   (SMS)Mechanical Sciences
  38. Researcher: Simhadri Vadreu   Supervised By: Dr.Sabarimalai Manikandan
    Quality-aware photoplethysmographic signal processing methods for reducing false alarms and energy consumption,  2020   (SES)Electrical Sciences
  39. Researcher: Vigneshwara Raja P.   Supervised By: Dr. N.V.L Narasimha Murty.
    Performance studies of silicon and 4H-silicon carbide radiation detectors for fusion plasma diagnostics ,  2019   (SES)Electrical Sciences
  40. Researcher: Oindrila Halder   Supervised By: Dr. Satchidananda Rath.
    Synthesis and characterization of CdSe nanosheets: doping, hybrid structures and application,  2019   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  41. Researcher: Souvik Ghosh   Supervised By: Dr. Abhijit Datta Banik.
    Computational analysis of single server queues with non- renewal batch arrivals and renewal/ non-renewal service under different service disciplines,  2019   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  42. Researcher: Devendra Kumar Yadav   Supervised By: Dr. Akhilesh Barve
    Study of selected cyclone related issues of humanitarian supply chains in an Indian context,  2019   (SMS)Mechanical Sciences
  43. Researcher: Asam Rajesh   Supervised By: Dr. Malay Kumar Bandyopadhyay
    Study of decoherence, decay and dissipation processes in quantum brownian magneto- oscillator : role of environmental spectrum and external magnetic field,  2019   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  44. Researcher: Amita Rani Sahoo   Supervised By: Dr. Soumendra Rana
    Deciphering the mechanism of ligand binding, selectivity and activation in complement component 5a receptor (C5aR),  2019   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  45. Researcher: Santosh Kumar Behera   Supervised By: Dr. Debi Prosad Dogra
    3D Air signature analysis : a biometric perspective,  2019   (SES)Electrical Sciences
  46. Researcher: Dipti Ranjan Biswal   Supervised By: Dr. Umesh Chandra Sahoo, Dr. Suresh Ranjan Dash
    Characterization of unbound and cemented granular lateritic soils as pavement material,  2019   (SIF)Infrastructure
  47. Researcher: Sayed Muktar Hossain   Supervised By: Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Singh
    Optical chemosensors for cations and anions : syntheses, characterizations, theoretical studies and applications,  2019   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  48. Researcher: Rashmi Panda   Supervised By: Dr. Niladri Bihari Puhan, Prof. Ganapati Panda
    Fundus image analysis algorithms for automated glaucoma detection,  2019   (SES)Electrical Sciences
  49. Researcher: Satyanarayan Dhal   Supervised By: Dr. Shyamal Chatterjee
    Interaction of icons with nan0structured surfaces,  2019   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  50. Researcher: Auro Kumar Sahoo   Supervised By: Dr. Naresh Chandra Sahu, Dr. Dukhabandhu Sahoo
    Productivity and efficiency in indian mining sector ,  2019   (HSSM)Humanities, Social Sciences & Management
  51. Researcher: Rajesh P V   Supervised By: Dr. Sandeep Pattnaik, Prof. U. C. Mohanty
    Impact of high resolution and surface data assimilation on the simulation of heavy rainfall events associated with south west monsoon season using mesoscale modeling system,  2019   (SEOCS)Earth Ocean and Climate Sciences
  52. Researcher: Jeeban Kumar Nayak   Supervised By: Dr. Ranjan Jha
    Experimental and theoretical study on graphene oxide based fibre optic sensor using propagating and localized plasmons,  2019   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  53. Researcher: Jatin Kumar Pradhan   Supervised By: Dr. C.N Bhende, Dr. Arun Ghosh
    Multivariable PID compensation with applications,  2019   (SES)Electrical Sciences
  54. Researcher: Jitenjaya Pradhan   Supervised By: Ds. Yogesh Bhumkar, Dr. Satish Dhandole
    Construction and application of dispersionrelation preserving schemes for estimating effectiveness of acoustic barriers ,  2019   (SMS)Mechanical Sciences
  55. Researcher: Srinivasula Reddy   Supervised By: Dr. Dinakar Pasla, Dr. B. Hanumantha Rao
    Synthesis and performance study of structural geopolymer concrete developed from various industrial wastes,  2019   (SIF)Infrastructure
  56. Researcher: Deepika Rai   Supervised By: Dr. Sandeep Pattnaik
    Study of surface and boundary layer processes for severe weather events over the Indian region,  2019   (SEOCS)Earth Ocean and Climate Sciences
  57. Researcher: Manu S. Nadesan   Supervised By: Dr. Dinakar Palsa
    Development of structural lightweight concrete using sintered fly ash aggregate and its behavioural characteristics,  2019   (SIF)Infrastructure
  58. Researcher: Apramita Chand   Supervised By: Dr. Snehasis Chowdhuri
    Exploring the influence of various co-solvents on the structure, dynamics and hydrogen bond properties in the peptide bond environment: a molecular dynamics simulation study.,  2019   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  59. Researcher: Nidhi Yadav   Supervised By: Dr. Naresh Chandra Sahu, Dr. Dukhabandhu Sahoo
    Economic valuation of national chambal santuary, India,  2019   (HSSM)Humanities, Social Sciences & Management
  60. Researcher: Arnapurna Panda   Supervised By: Dr. Sabyasachi Pani
    Design of meta-heuristic optimization algorithms based on CBO and SOS with application,  2019   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  61. Researcher: Bata Krishna Tripathy   Supervised By: Dr. Padmalochan Bera
    Development of a context-aware and secure routing protocol for mobile ad hoc networks,  2019   (SES)Electrical Sciences
  62. Researcher: Debiprasanna Sahoo   Supervised By: Dr. Manoranjan Satpathy
    Modeling, verification and analysis of DRAM caches,  2019   (SES)Electrical Sciences
  63. Researcher: Paromita Chakraborty   Supervised By: Arindam Sarkar
    Efficient perturbation method for flow through random rigid vegetation over small amplitude bed forms,  2019   (SIF)Infrastructure
  64. Researcher: Rajneesh Singh   Supervised By: Dr. Puspendu Bhunia
    Vermifiltration coupled with adsorption for the enhanced removal of organics, nitrogen and phosphorus from brewery wastewater,  2019   (SIF)Infrastructure
  65. Researcher: Akshaya kumar Pati   Supervised By: Prof. N. C. Sahu
    Advanced control strategies for three-phase differential inverter based grid-connected PV system with a high-performance maximum power point tracking algorithm,  2019   (SES)Electrical Sciences
  66. Researcher: Ayana Mukhopadhyay   Supervised By: Dr. Niharika Mohapatra
    Multi-functional properties of ternary half-Heuslers, RPdX (R=Rare earth, X=Bi, Sb, and Si),  2019   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  67. Researcher: Pavan Kumar Yerra   Supervised By: Chandrasekhar Bhamidipati
    Studies on efficiency of black hole heat engines,  2019   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  68. Researcher: Manisha Das   Supervised By: Raj Kumar Singh, Syed Hilal Farooq
    Assessing pleistocene to holocene oceanographic and climatic variabilities in the Japan Sea using foraminifera and sedimentological proxies,  2019   (SEOCS)Earth Ocean and Climate Sciences
  69. Researcher: Alok Kumar Panda   Supervised By: Dr.Ashis Biswas
    Role of C-terminal Region of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Hsp16.3 on its Structure, Stability and Chaperone Function- A Biophysical and Site Directed Mutagenesis Study,  2018   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  70. Researcher: Abhilas Swain   Supervised By: Dr. Mihir Kumar Das
    Saturated Flow Boiling of Distilled Water over Porous Coated Tube Bundles,  2018   (SMS)Mechanical Sciences
  71. Researcher: Tarun Kumar Chakra   Supervised By: Dr. Tarakanta Nayak
    Iteration of Meromorphic Functions with an Omitted Value,  2018   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  72. Researcher: Udit Satija   Supervised By: Dr. Barathram. Ramkumar
    Automated noise detention and classification methods for quality- aware analysis of electrocardiogram signals,  2018   (SES)Electrical Sciences
  73. Researcher: Prangya Ranjan Rout   Supervised By: Dr. Rajesh Roshan Dash, Dr. Puspendu Bhunia
    Development of Advanced treatment systems for nutrient removal from domestic wastewater,  2018   (SIF)Infrastructure
  74. Researcher: Vasundhara   Supervised By: Prof. Ganapati Panda
    Development and performance evaluation of new adaptive feedback cancellation techniques for hearing AIDS ,  2018   (SES)Electrical Sciences
  75. Researcher: Sushanta Kumar Panda   Supervised By: Dr. Dukhabandhu Sahoo, Dr. Naresh Chandra Sahu
    Corporate Social responsibility of coal mining industry in odisha: a multy stakeholder perspective (with CD Rom),  2018   (HSSM)Humanities, Social Sciences & Management
  76. Researcher: Susmita Kar   Supervised By: Dr. Subhransu Ranjan Samantaray.
    Development of microgrid protection schmes.,  2018   (SES)Electrical Sciences
  77. Researcher: Y Ramu Naidu   Supervised By: Dr. Akshay Kumar Ojha
    Hybridization of invasive weed optimization and its applications ,  2018   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  78. Researcher: Chittranjan Pradhan   Supervised By: Dr. Chandrashekhara Narayan Bhende.
    Analysis and some control aspects frequency regulation in wind power systems,  2018   (SES)Electrical Sciences
  79. Researcher: Swagatika Bisoi   Supervised By: Dr. Sumanta Haldar.
    Dynamic behaviour of monopile supported offshore wind turbine in clay ,  2018   (SIF)Infrastructure
  80. Researcher: Rupashree Brahma Kumari   Supervised By: Dr. Anamitra Basu.
    Lateral advantage in the perception of visual stimuli by odia and santali multilinguals,  2018   (HSSM)Humanities, Social Sciences & Management
  81. Researcher: Lopamudra Giri   Supervised By: Prof. V.R. Pedireddi.
    A study of supramolecular assemblies of some rac- cyclohexnecarboxylic acids wiyh n- donor ligands.,  2018   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  82. Researcher: Nibedita Dash   Supervised By: Dr. Seema Bahinipati
    Mearsuement of the time- integrated CP asymmetry and the branching fraction of the decay D0 → K0SK0S at the belle experiment ,  2018   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  83. Researcher: Ravi Kumar Mandava   Supervised By: Dr. V. Pandu Ranga
    Design and development of controllers and motion planning schemes for the biped robot,  2018   (SMS)Mechanical Sciences
  84. Researcher: Anupam Sahoo   Supervised By: Dr. Srikanta Patra
    Porous nanocomposites and their environmental aspects,  2018   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  85. Researcher: Gopinath Panda   Supervised By: Dr.Abhijit Datta Banik
    Equilibrium Analysis of Markovian/renewal Input Queues with Or Without Impatient Customers,  2017   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  86. Researcher: L. Avinash   Supervised By: Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Singh
    [nxn] Magnetic Grid Complexes by Polytopic Ligand-Directed Self-Assembly,  2017   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  87. Researcher: Chowki Srikant   Supervised By: Dr. Niharika Mohapatra
    Magnetic, Dielectric and Magnetodielectric Properties of Complex Oxides,  2017   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  88. Researcher: Amarendra Panda   Supervised By: Dr. Shantanu Pal
    Development of Novel Methodologies for Modified Nucleosides: Studies on the Synthesis of APIO Nucleosides, 1'-Homologated -APIO Nucleosides, Functionalized Carbocycles and Carbocyclic Nucleoside Analogues,  2017   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  89. Researcher: Gayatri Pany   Supervised By: Dr.Sabyasachi Pani
    Generalized Variational Inequalities and Equilibrium Problems,  2017   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  90. Researcher: Jitendra Narayan Dash   Supervised By: Dr.Rajan Jha
    Design and Development of Photonic Crystal Fiber Based Sensors for Detection of Physical and Chemical Parameters,  2017   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  91. Researcher: M.Hema Lata Rao   Supervised By: Dr.N.V.L.N. Murty
  92. Researcher: Barik, Nikunja Bihari.   Supervised By: Dr. T. V. S. Sekhar
    Multilevel local radial basis function ethod for steady navier - stokes equations,  2017   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  93. Researcher: Gopinath Sahoo   Supervised By: Dr. Sasmita Barik
    Eigensystems of Graphs and Multidigraphs,  2017   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  94. Researcher: Pradeep Kumar Mishra   Supervised By: Dr. A. K. Pradhan, Dr. M. K. Pandit
    Delamination and adhesion failure analyses in spar wingskin joints made with laminated FRP composite and FGM panels ,  2017   (SMS)Mechanical Sciences
  95. Researcher: Swapna Sarita Mohapatra   Supervised By: Prof. Sujit Roy
    Transition metal catalyzed activation of arene Heteroarene under batch and flow conditions,  2017   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  96. Researcher: Kalyan Sourav Dash   Supervised By: Dr. Niladri Bihari Puhan, Prof. Ganapati Panda
    New perception and transform coding based algorithms for Odisha character recognition,  2017   (SES)Electrical Sciences
  97. Researcher: Suvasis Nayak   Supervised By: Dr. Akshay Kumar Ojha
    Multi-objective optimization of fraction programming problems,  2017   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  98. Researcher: Deepak Kumar   Supervised By: Dr. Subhransu Ranjan Samantaray
    Advanced Power Distribution System Planning,  2016   (SES)Electrical Sciences
  99. Researcher: Sandip Kumar Nandi   Supervised By: Dr. Ashis Biswas
    Structure, Stability And Molecular Chaperone Function Of Mycobacterium Leprae HSP18- A Biophysical Study,  2016   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  100. Researcher: Suman Kumar Tripathy   Supervised By: Dr. Srikanta Patra
    Development of Mono, Homo-and Heterodimetallic Complexes of Ruthenium and Iridium and Their Potential Biological Activity,  2016   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  101. Researcher: Rojalin Mishra   Supervised By: Dr. Asmita Shukla and Dr. Naresh Chandra Sahu
    Segmenting Shoppers And Understanding The Impulsive Buying Behavior In E-Tail,  2016   (HSSM)Humanities, Social Sciences & Management
  103. Researcher: S.V.S.K. DEEPAK KUMAR   Supervised By: Prof. M. Chakraborty, Dr. A. Mandal
  104. Researcher: SMRUTI SOURAVA MOHAPATRA   Supervised By: Dr. Partha Pratim Dey
  105. Researcher: Himansu Shekhar Pradhan   Supervised By: Dr. P.K.Sahu
    Design and Analysis of High Performance Long-Range Distributed Fiber-optic Sensors,  2016   (SES)Electrical Sciences
  106. Researcher: Lakshman Pappula   Supervised By: Dr. Debalina Ghosh
    Aperiodic Antenna Array Synthesis Using Nature Inspired Techniques,  2016   (SES)Electrical Sciences
  107. Researcher: Amrita Nayak   Supervised By: Professor V. R. Pedireddi
    Constructing Intermolecular Interactions in the Co-Crystal of some Phenol Derivatives with Various Aza-donor Compounds,  2016   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  108. Researcher: Akshaya Kumar Behera   Supervised By: Dr.Shyamal Chatterjee
    Synthesis and Modification of Metal-Oxide Nanowires,  2016   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  109. Researcher: Dibyajyoti Guha   Supervised By: Dr. Abhijit Datta Banik
    Computational Analysis of batch arrival/ Multi-server queues with working/ non-working vacations and their applications.,  2016   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  110. Researcher: Subba Lakshmi Tirukoti   Supervised By: Dr.Dukhabandhu Sahoo,Dr.Naresh Chandra Sahu
    Determinants of Health Insurance: A Case Study of East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh,  2015   (HSSM)Humanities, Social Sciences & Management
  111. Researcher: Sulagna Mohanty   Supervised By: Dr. Punyashree Panda, Dr. Amrita Satapathy
    Renewal of Myth in Four Postcolonial Novels: A Contrastive Study of Indian and Native American Edition,  2015   (HSSM)Humanities, Social Sciences & Management
  112. Researcher: Pradeep Kumar Maharana   Supervised By: Prof. Rajan Jha
    Graphene Based Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor,  2015   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  113. Researcher: Kamalakanta Muduli   Supervised By: Dr. Akhilesh Barve
    Study of Select Green Issues in Indian Mining Supply Chains,  2015   (SMS)Mechanical Sciences
  114. Researcher: Satya Prakash Kar   Supervised By: Dr. Prasenjit Rath
    Thermal Modeling of Laser Assisted Phase Change Process,  2015   (SMS)Mechanical Sciences
  115. Researcher: Diptimayee Mishra   Supervised By: Dr. Naresh Chandra Sahu and Dr. Dukhabandhu Sahoo
    Economic impact of climate change on Agriculture Sector of Odisha and the adaptation behaviour of the farmers,  2015   (HSSM)Humanities, Social Sciences & Management
  116. Researcher: Rajib Saha   Supervised By: Prof. S.C. Dutta, Dr. S. Haldar
    Seismic Response of Soil-Piled Raft-Structure System,  2014   (SIF)Infrastructure
  117. Researcher: Soma Parija   Supervised By: Dr. A. Shukla
    Understanding Behavior in Virtual World : Role of Personality Loneliness and Online Flow,  2014   (HSSM)Humanities, Social Sciences & Management
  118. Researcher: Sanket Nayak   Supervised By: Prof. S.C. Dutta, Dr. D.Pasla
    Seismic Behavior of Masonry Structures,  2014   (SIF)Infrastructure
  119. Researcher: Subrat Kumar Pattanayak   Supervised By: Dr. S. Chowdhuri
    Structure, Dynamics and Hydrogen Bond Properties of N-Methylacetamide and its Aqueous Solution in Different Thermodynamic Conditions: A Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study,  2014   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  120. Researcher: Dibya Prakash Jena   Supervised By: Dr. S.N. Panigrahi
    Development of Active and Passive Filters for Improving Quality of Acoustic and Vibration based Condition Monitorin,  2014   (SMS)Mechanical Sciences
  121. Researcher: Ajith Kumar, K.K.   Supervised By: Prof. M. Chakraborty, Dr. U.T.S. Pillai
    Processing, Properties and Modification of Mg-Si Alloys,  2014   (SMS)Mechanical Sciences
  122. Researcher: Vikas Baghel   Supervised By: Prof. G.Panda
    Development and Performance Evaluation of a Class of Novel Radar Pulse Compression Techniques,  2014   (SES)Electrical Sciences
  123. Researcher: Akshaya Kumar Verma   Supervised By: Dr.P. Bhunia and Dr. R. R. Dash
    Development of an Integrated Treatment system for Removal of Color and Cod from Textile Wastewater,  2014   (SIF)Infrastructure
  124. Researcher: Sisir Mantry   Supervised By: Prof. M. Chakraborty,Prof. B. K. Mishra
    Characteristics of Plasma Sprayed Nanostructured Yttria Stabilized Zirconia (YSZ) Coatings Doped with La2Ce2O7,  2014   (SMS)Mechanical Sciences
  125. Researcher: Hemalata Jena   Supervised By: Prof. A. K. Pradhan,Prof. M. K. Pandit
  126. Researcher: Sambit Kumar Parida   Supervised By: Dr. A. K. Pradhan
    Adhesion failure and delamination Analysis in Lap Shear Joints made with FRP composite and FGM panels,  2014   (SMS)Mechanical Sciences
  127. Researcher: Litismita Jena   Supervised By: Dr. Sabyasachi Pani
    Matrix Splittings, Generalized Inverses and Linear Complementary Problems.,  2014   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  128. Researcher: Siva Ganesh Malla   Supervised By: Dr. Chandrashekhar N. Bhende
    Development and Performance Evaluation of Novel Control Schemes for Stand-Alone Renewal Energy Systems,  2014   (SES)Electrical Sciences
  129. Researcher: Ankita Samui   Supervised By: Dr. S. R. Samantaray
    Islanding Detection in Distributed Generation,  2013   (SES)Electrical Sciences
  130. Researcher: Satyasai Jagannath Nanda   Supervised By: Prof. G. Panda
    Development of New Signal Processing and Nature- Inspired Algorithms for Partitional Clustering,  2013   (SES)Electrical Sciences
  131. Researcher: Bijayananda Patnaik   Supervised By: Dr. P.K. Sahu
    Design and Analysis of Ultrahigh Bit-Rate Optical Communication Systems,  2012   (SES)Electrical Sciences
  132. Researcher: Pyari Mohan Pradhan   Supervised By: Prof. G. Panda
    Novel Signal Processing Techniques for Spectrum Sensing and Cognitive Radio Engine Design,  2012   (SES)Electrical Sciences
  133. Researcher: Nithin V. George   Supervised By: Prof. G. Panda
    Development of a Class of Adaptive Algorithm for Active Noise Control,  2012   (SES)Electrical Sciences