Central Library
Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar

About the Library

The Central Library plays a vital role in furthering the academic and research mission of IIT Bhubaneswar and facilitates creation and dissemination of knowledge. The range and quality of services offered by the library are comparable to any modern libraries in India of International standard. Soon after the formal appearance of the Central Library in the year 2009, immediate emphasis was given for a good collection development on Text Books and Reference Books. Besides holding an excellent print collection of over 22000+ volumes of books, it also provides access to popular magazines, selected journals, theses, reports, e-books, e-journals and online databases in Engineering & Technology, Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences and Management. The library made a significant progress by empanelling 30 vendors through bidding process to give a boost to the procurement process. Apart from the procurement on print books, the Central Library achieved phenomenal progress in the subscription of e-resources by subscribing 50+ e-resources (full text as well as bibliographical databases) to its digital collection making "24 x 7 Library" in real scene on institute-wide network and off-campus access to e-resources through MapMyAccess.

Central Library, IIT Bhubaneswar - Vision

Empowering IIT Bhubaneswar's research and learning community with enriching collections, innovative services, and state-of-art technologies strengthened by strategic partnerships with national and international library networks.

Central Library, IIT Bhubaneswar - Mission

Central Library promises to promote the IIT Bhubaneswar's mission as well as to discover, preserve, and disseminate knowledge. It engages with the ongoing technological transformations to deliver world-class physical and digital content and services significant to education, research, publication, and outreach.