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Latest Research Publications

  1. "Control of Photoconversion Yield in Unidirectional Photomolecular Motors by Push-Pull Substituents",   Journal of the American Chemical Society145 (36)19849-198552023  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  2. New SinghG.BishtD.S.,   
    "Soil Moisture–Vegetation Stress–Based Agricultural Drought Index Integrating Remote Sensing–Derived Soil Moisture and Vegetation Indices",   Integrated Drought Management, Volume 2: Forecasting, Monitoring, and Managing Risk1445-4622023  (SEOCS)School of Earth, Ocean and Climate Sciences
  3. New SinhaA.GhoshA.BagchiB.,   
    "Dynamical symmetries of the anisotropic oscillator",   Physica Scripta98 (9)2023  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
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