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About the Central Library 
The Central Library of IIT Bhubaneswar started functioning in a small room of 300 sq. ft. floor area with a mere collection of 2300 text books at IIT Kharagpur Campus in July 2009 and then moved to Toshali Bhawan, Satya Nagar in 1st April 2011 in a room with floor area of 2200 sq. ft. In 2016, the Central Library has extended its services at Institute permanent campus at Argul, Khordha. The Central Library completely shifted to its permanent campus in the year 2018 and currently located at Argul, Khordha. Since then, the Central Library has augmented its size in terms of collections, services, and technology in order to provide best services to its users.
Library Vision and Mission
Vision: Empowering IIT Bhubaneswar's research and learning community with enriching collections, innovative services, and state-of-art technologies strengthened by strategic partnerships with national and international library networks.
Mission: Central Library promises to promote the IIT Bhubaneswar's mission as well as to discover, preserve, and disseminate knowledge. It engages with the ongoing technological transformations to deliver world-class physical and digital content and services significant to education, research, publication, and outreach.

Library Hours
The Central library currently kept open on all the working days, except the institute holidays. 

Central Library  @ 4th Floor and 5th Floor, Administrative Building  

Library Opening Hours
 Monday to Friday
8.30 AM to 9.00 PM
 Saturday and Sunday
8.30 AM to 5.30 pm
Library Circulation Hours
 Monday to Friday
9.00 AM to 9.00 PM
 Saturday and Sunday
8.30 AM to 5.30 PM
Reading Room Hours @ 5th Floor
 Monday to Sunday
24x7 (Subject to availability of security)

Library Membership

The Central Library provides its membership by default to the students, research scholars, faculty members, and staff of IIT Bhubaneswar. The membership is valid as long as the user become the member of the Institute. The library membership will be suspended or terminated and disciplinary action will be taken, if the member has done any of the following:
  • Found misusing/mutilating/stealing/cutting pages from a book
  • Improper use of Library facilities
Borrowing Privileges and Overdue Fine
Only Registered Members can borrow books from the Central Library on production of their individual Identity Card issued by the institute at the circulation desk. Each book issued to the user(s) must get proper gate pass which they have to surrender at the check-point to the security. The entitlement of number books on loan and loan period with overdue fine for different categories of members are as follows:
Number books
Loan Period
U.G Students
3 books
30 days
Gen & TBL
Rs. 1.00
P.G Students
5 books
60 days
Rs. 1.00
5 books
30 days
Rs. 1.00
Research Scholars
8 books
60 days
Rs. 1.00
Faculty/Academic Staff
10 books
180 days
Rs. 1.00
Non-Faculty group-A Staff
8 books
180 days
Rs. 1.00
Scientific/Computer Staff
8 books
180 days
Gen & TBL
Rs. 1.00
Group B, C, D Staff
3 books
60 days
Rs. 1.00
Project Staff
5 books
60 days
Gen & TBL
Rs. 1.00
* Fine @ Rs. 1.00 per Day per Book
  TBL-Text Books, Gen-General Books, TR-Teacher Reference
Renewal of Books
If a loan book is not on demand, then the user concerned is allowed for renewal a maximum of two consecutive times. The renewal of books can be done through the Library Catalog / WebOPAC or with the help of library staff at the circulation counter. The library reserves the right to recall any book issued to the user at any point in time if need aeries.

Reservation of Books
Each member has a privilege to reserve or hold a maximum of three books, if the same are borrowed by other members of the Central Library. The reservation of books can be done through WebOPAC or with the help of library staff at the circulation counter.
Overdue Fine Collection
Books taken on loan must either return or renew on or before due date, failing which the user concerned charged with fine of Rs.1/day /book. All overdue fine the user concerned must clear on before the end of ongoing academic session, failing which book loan privilege will be suspended.
Mode of Fine Collection
Any user charged with fine has to make payment through online mode or by swiping the debit card (Credit card not accepted) at Central Library counter. The fine amount may be deposited or transferred online in the following account: 
Name of the Bank: ICICI Bank, Jatani Branch
SB Account No.198501000430
IFSC Code: ICIC0001985
Name of the Account holder: REGISTRAR, IIT, BHUBANESWAR
Important Note:
·         Submit the payment receipt in Central Library after the transaction.
·         Write your Name, Roll No. / Employee ID and make your signature on the receipt.
No Dues/Clearance Certificate
No Dues/Clearance/Objection Certificate may be issued to members by clearing all the outstanding dues in respect of borrowed book (s) and delayed fines (if any). 
Arrangement of the Library Collection
The library collections are arranged in the following ways: 
  • All books in print are classified according to the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) system and arranged by classification number (subject wise) on the shelf. The detailed shelf guides are provided in the stack area for easy location.
  • Reserve text books are arranged in the reading room for library reading only.
  • Print journals are arranged in the alphabetical order.
Library Rules
  • Please bring the Institute ID card while using the Library.
  • Institute ID card is a must for library transactions.
  • Please maintain atmosphere of dignity, peace and silence
  • Please handle the library materials with utmost care.
  • Use of personal stereos, music-sets and walkman’s, IPods etc. in the library is not permitted.
  • Keep your personal belongings at the property counter.
  • Smoking, food, and drinks are not allowed in the library.
  • No material from the library should be taken.
Library Services
The services provided by the Central Library are:
  • Circulation Service
  • Reference Service
  • Document Delivery Service
  • Research Support Service
  • Current Awareness/New Arrivals
  • E-mail Alert Service
  • Remote Access Service
  • Plagiarism Check Service
  • Reserve Book Facility and Books for SC/ST Students
  • Resource Sharing
  • Recent Research Publications of IIT Bhubaneswar
  • A Book drop and Kiosk facility for self-check in and check out of book(s)
  • Institutional Repository
  • QR Code for smart access of Library Catalog through Mobile Phones
Library Automation
Central Library of IIT Bhubaneswar is automated all its housekeeping operations using Koha open source integrated Library System (ILS). The WEBOPAC is accessible at: http://koha.iitbbs.ac.in/  or Scan QR Code to get WEBOPAC in your Mobile.
ICT Facility
  • A good number of computer are available for accessing the library resources including OPAC and e-resources
  • Library Automation Server, Remote Access Server, Institutional Repository Server
  • Library Website
  • EZproxy for Remote (off-campus) Access
  • Institutional Repository
For Further assistance, Please contact us at:
Dr. Bibhuti Bhusan Sahoo 
Deputy Librarian / उपपुस्तकालयाध्यक्ष
Central Library/ केंद्रीयपुस्तकालय
4th Floor/ चौथामंजिल,
Administrative Building / प्रशासनिकभवन
Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar/ भारतीयप्रौद्योगिकीसंस्थानभुवनेश्वर
Argul, Khurda, Odisha,/ आरगुल, खुर्दा, ओड़िशा,
752050 (India)
Phone: +91-674-7138750/ 55/56/61/62