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  1. "Gold Nanoparticles Augment N-Terminal Cleavage and Splicing Reactions in Mycobacterium tuberculosis SufB ",   Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology 92021  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  2. "A fixed grid based accurate phase-field method for dendritic solidification in complex geometries ",   Computational Materials Science 2022022  (SMS)School of Mechanical Sciences
  3. "A Hybrid Route Optimization Mechanism in Delay Tolerant Networks ",   Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems 30234-442022  (SES)School of Electrical Sciences
  4. "A Cybertwin-Based 6G Cooperative IoE Communication Network: Secrecy Outage Analysis ",   IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics 2022  (SES)School of Electrical Sciences
  5. "Experimental and Numerical Simulation of Flow around Bottom Mounted Submerged Vertical Circular Cylinder over Rigid Plane Bed ",   Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering 2022  (SIF)School of Infrastructure
  6. "Tuning the emission maxima of iridium systems using benzimidazole-based cyclometallating framework ",   Journal of Molecular Liquids 3492022  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  7. "Powerful Organic Molecular Oxidants and Reductants Enable Ambipolar Injection in a Large-Gap Organic Homojunction Diode ",   ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 14 (1)2381-23892022  (SMS)School of Mechanical Sciences
  8. "Real time sensor for Fe3+, Al3+, Cu2+ & PPi through quadruple mechanistic pathways using a novel dipodal quinoline-based molecular probe",   Spectrochimica Acta - Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 2702022  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  9. "Main determinants for ecological footprint: an econometric perspective from G20 countries ",   Energy, Ecology and Environment 2022  (HSSM)School of Humanities, Social Sciences & Management
  10. "Biological Treatment of Contaminants of Emerging Concern in Wastewater: A Review ",   Journal of Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste 26 (2)2022  (SIF)School of Infrastructure
  11. "Analysis and Design of a Multiport Converter based Integrated On-board Charger for Electric Vehicle Powertrains ",   2021 IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition, ECCE 2021 - Proceedings 1661-16682021  (SES)School of Electrical Sciences
  12. "An Enhanced Differential Protection Scheme for LVDC Microgrid ",   IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics 2022  (SES)School of Electrical Sciences
  13. "NiFe2O4 Ferrofluid to Detect Magnetic Field Using Microfiber Interferometry ",   IEEE Sensors Journal 2022  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  14. "Dielectric behaviour of BZT-BCT nano pseudobinary system near TCP-assisted morphotopic phase boundary ",   Ceramics International 2022  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  15. "Coded Gradient Aggregation: A Tradeoff Between Communication Costs at Edge Nodes and at Helper Nodes ",   IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications 40 (3)761-7722022  (SES)School of Electrical Sciences
  16. "Decentralized Multi-access Coded Caching with Uncoded Prefetching ",   2021 IEEE Information Theory Workshop, ITW 2021 - Proceedings 2021  (SES)School of Electrical Sciences
  17. "Effect of build direction on the microstructure evolution and their mechanical properties using GTAW based wire arc additive manufacturing",   CIRP Journal of Manufacturing Science and Technology37103-1092022  (SMS)School of Mechanical Sciences
  18. "Deep Learning-based Optimization of Piezoelectric Vibration Energy Harvesters ",   AIAA Science and Technology Forum and Exposition, AIAA SciTech Forum 2022 2022  (SMS)School of Mechanical Sciences
  19. "Room temperature HFIP/Ag-promoted palladium-catalyzed C–H functionalization of benzothiazole with iodoarenes ",   Chemical Communications 58 (6)2022  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  20. "Organometallic and Organic Dimers: Moderately Air-Stable, Yet Highly Reducing, n-Dopants ",   Accounts of Chemical Research 55 (3)2022  (SMS)School of Mechanical Sciences
  21. "Influence of Metakaolin and Silica Fume on the Mechanical and Durability Performance of High-Strength Concrete Made with 100% Coarse Recycled Aggregate ",   Journal of Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste 26 (2)2022  (SIF)School of Infrastructure
  22. Roy S.Basu D.,   
    "Threshold value estimation of journey-distance using generalized polynomial function ",   European Transport - Trasporti Europei 2021  (SIF)School of Infrastructure
  23. "Evidence for X(3872) in Pb-Pb Collisions and Studies of its Prompt Production at sNN =5.02 TeV",   Physical Review Letters 128 (3)2022  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  24. "Role of Mn-substitution towards the enhanced hydrogen storage performance in FeTi",   International Journal of Hydrogen Energy47 (15)2022  (SMMME)School of Minerals, Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
  25. "A note on neighborhood first Zagreb energy and its significance as a molecular descriptor",   Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems2222022  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  26. "Augmentation of maize yield by strategic adaptation to cope with climate change for a future period in Eastern India",   Journal of Cleaner Production3392022  (SIF)School of Infrastructure
  27. "Measurement of B (Bs →dsX) with Bs semileptonic tagging",   Physical Review D105 (1)2022  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
Total Results: 4449