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Ph.D. Thesis submitted and awarded by IIT Bhubaneswar

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  1. Researcher: Vigneshwara Raja P   Supervised By: Dr. N.V.L Narasimha Murty.
    Performance studies of silicon and 4H-silicon carbide radiation detectors for fusion plasma diagnostics ,  2019   (SES)Electrical Sciences
  2. Researcher: Oindrila Halder   Supervised By: Dr. Satchidananda Rath.
    Synthesis and characterization of CdSe nanosheets: doping, hybrid structures and application (with CD) / by Oindrila Halder,  2019   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  3. Researcher: Souvik Ghosh   Supervised By: Dr. Abhijit Datta Banik.
    Computational analysis of single server queues with non- renewal batch arrrivals and renewal/ non-renewal service under different service disciplines.,  2019   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  4. Researcher: Alok Kumar Panda   Supervised By: Dr.Ashis Biswas
    Role of C-terminal Region of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Hsp16.3 on its Structure, Stability and Chaperone Function- A Biophysical and Site Directed Mutagenesis Study,  2018   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  5. Researcher: Abhilas Swain   Supervised By: Dr. Mihir Kumar Das
    Saturated Flow Boiling of Distilled Water over Porous Coated Tube Bundles,  2018   (SMS)Mechanical Sciences
  6. Researcher: Tarun Kumar Chakra   Supervised By: Dr. Tarakanta Nayak
    Iteration of Meromorphic Functions with an Omitted Value,  2018   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  7. Researcher: Udit Satija   Supervised By: B. Ramkumar
    Automated noise detention and classification methods for quality- aware analysis of electrocardiogram signals,  2018   (SES)Electrical Sciences
  8. Researcher: Prangya Ranjan Rout   Supervised By: R.R. Dash, Puspendu Bhunia
    Development of Advanced treatment systems for nutrient removal from domestic wastewater,  2018   (SIF)Infrastructure
  9. Researcher: Vasundhara   Supervised By: Ganapati Panda
    Development and performance evaluation of new adaptive feedback cancellation techniques for hearing AIDS ,  2018   (SES)Electrical Sciences
  10. Researcher: Sushanta Kumar Panda   Supervised By: Dr. Dukhabandhu Sahoo, Dr. Naresh Chandra Sahu
    Corporate Social responsibility of coal mining industry in odisha: a multy stakeholder perspective (with CD Rom),  2018   (HSSM)Humanities, Social Sciences & Management
  11. Researcher: Susmita Kar   Supervised By: Dr. Subhransu Ranjan Samantaray.
    Development of microgrid protection schmes.,  2018   (SES)Electrical Sciences
  12. Researcher: Y Ramu Naidu   Supervised By: Dr. Akshay Kumar Ojha
    Hybridization of invasive weed optimization and its applications ,  2018   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  13. Researcher: Chittranjan Pradhan   Supervised By: Dr. Chandrashekhara Narayan Bhende.
    Analysis and some control aspects frequency regulation in wind power systems,  2018   (SES)Electrical Sciences
  14. Researcher: Swagatika Bisoi   Supervised By: Dr. Sumanta Haldar.
    Dynamic behaviour of monopile supported offshore wind turbine in clay ,  2018   (SIF)Infrastructure
  15. Researcher: Rupashree Brahma Kumari   Supervised By: Dr. Anamitra Basu.
    Lateral advantage in the perception of visual stimuli by odia and santali multilinguals,  2018   (HSSM)Humanities, Social Sciences & Management
  16. Researcher: Lopamudra Giri   Supervised By: Pf. V.R. Pedireddi.
    A study of supramolecular assemblies of some rac- cyclohexnecarboxylic acids wiyh n- donor ligands.,  2018   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  17. Researcher: Gopinath Panda   Supervised By: Dr.Abhijit Datta Banik
    Equilibrium Analysis of Markovian/renewal Input Queues with Or Without Impatient Customers,  2017   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  18. Researcher: L. Avinash   Supervised By: Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Singh
    [nxn] Magnetic Grid Complexes by Polytopic Ligand-Directed Self-Assembly,  2017   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  19. Researcher: Chowki Srikant   Supervised By: Dr. Niharika Mohapatra
    Magnetic, Dielectric and Magnetodielectric Properties of Complex Oxides,  2017   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  20. Researcher: Amarendra Panda   Supervised By: Dr. Shantanu Pal
    Development of Novel Methodologies for Modified Nucleosides: Studies on the Synthesis of APIO Nucleosides, 1'-Homologated -APIO Nucleosides, Functionalized Carbocycles and Carbocyclic Nucleoside Analogues,  2017   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  21. Researcher: Gayatri Pany   Supervised By: Dr.Sabyasachi Pani
    Generalized Variational Inequalities and Equilibrium Problems,  2017   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  22. Researcher: Jitendra Narayan Dash   Supervised By: Dr.Rajan Jha
    Design and Development of Photonic Crystal Fiber Based Sensors for Detection of Physical and Chemical Parameters,  2017   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  23. Researcher: M.Hema Lata Rao   Supervised By: Dr.N.V.L.N. Murty
  24. Researcher: Barik, Nikunja Bihari.   Supervised By: Sekhar, T.V.S.
    Multilevel local radial basis function ethod for steady navier - stokes equations,  2017   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  25. Researcher: Gopinath Sahoo   Supervised By: Sasmita Barik
    Eigensystems of Graphs and Multidigraphs,  2017   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  26. Researcher: Pradeep Kumar Mishra   Supervised By: Dr. A. K. Pradhan, Dr. M. K. Pandit
    Delamination and adhesion failure analyses in spar wingskin joints made with laminated FRP composite and FGM panels ,  2017   (SMS)Mechanical Sciences
  27. Researcher: Deepak Kumar   Supervised By: Dr. Subhransu Ranjan Samantaray
    Advanced Power Distribution System Planning,  2016   (SES)Electrical Sciences
  28. Researcher: Sandip Kumar Nandi   Supervised By: Dr. Ashis Biswas
    Structure, Stability And Molecular Chaperone Function Of Mycobacterium Leprae HSP18- A Biophysical Study,  2016   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  29. Researcher: Suman Kumar Tripathy   Supervised By: Dr. Srikanta Patra
    Development of Mono, Homo-and Heterodimetallic Complexes of Ruthenium and Iridium and Their Potential Biological Activity,  2016   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  30. Researcher: Rojalin Mishra   Supervised By: Dr. Asmita Shukla and Dr. Naresh Chandra Sahu
    Segmenting Shoppers And Understanding The Impulsive Buying Behavior In E-Tail,  2016   (HSSM)Humanities, Social Sciences & Management
  32. Researcher: S.V.S.K. DEEPAK KUMAR   Supervised By: Prof. M. Chakraborty, Dr. A. Mandal
  33. Researcher: SMRUTI SOURAVA MOHAPATRA   Supervised By: Dr. Partha Pratim Dey
  34. Researcher: Himansu Shekhar Pradhan   Supervised By: Dr. P.K.Sahu
    Design and Analysis of High Performance Long-Range Distributed Fiber-optic Sensors,  2016   (SES)Electrical Sciences
  35. Researcher: Lakshman Pappula   Supervised By: Dr. Debalina Ghosh
    Aperiodic Antenna Array Synthesis Using Nature Inspired Techniques,  2016   (SES)Electrical Sciences
  36. Researcher: Amrita Nayak   Supervised By: Professor V. R. Pedireddi
    Constructing Intermolecular Interactions in the Co-Crystal of some Phenol Derivatives with Various Aza-donor Compounds,  2016   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  37. Researcher: Akshaya Kumar Behera   Supervised By: Dr.Shyamal Chatterjee
    Synthesis and Modification of Metal-Oxide Nanowires,  2016   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  38. Researcher: Dibyajyoti Guha   Supervised By: Dr. Abhijit Datta Banik
    Computational Analysis of batch arrival/ Multi-server queues with working/ non-working vacations and their applications.,  2016   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  39. Researcher: Subba Lakshmi Tirukoti   Supervised By: Dr.Dukhabandhu Sahoo,Dr.Naresh Chandra Sahu
    Determinants of Health Insurance: A Case Study of East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh,  2015   (HSSM)Humanities, Social Sciences & Management
  40. Researcher: Sulagna Mohanty   Supervised By: Dr. Punyashree Panda, Dr. Amrita Satapathy
    Renewal of Myth in Four Postcolonial Novels: A Contrastive Study of Indian and Native American Edition,  2015   (HSSM)Humanities, Social Sciences & Management
  41. Researcher: Pradeep Kumar Maharana   Supervised By: Prof. Rajan Jha
    Graphene Based Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor,  2015   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  42. Researcher: Kamalakanta Muduli   Supervised By: Dr. Akhilesh Barve
    Study of Select Green Issues in Indian Mining Supply Chains,  2015   (SMS)Mechanical Sciences
  43. Researcher: Satya Prakash Kar   Supervised By: Dr. Prasenjit Rath
    Thermal Modeling of Laser Assisted Phase Change Process,  2015   (SMS)Mechanical Sciences
  44. Researcher: Diptimayee Mishra   Supervised By: Dr. Naresh Chandra Sahu and Dr. Dukhabandhu Sahoo
    Economic impact of climate change on Agriculture Sector of Odisha and the adaptation behaviour of the farmers,  2015   (HSSM)Humanities, Social Sciences & Management
  45. Researcher: Rajib Saha   Supervised By: Prof. S.C. Dutta, Dr. S. Haldar
    Seismic Response of Soil-Piled Raft-Structure System,  2014   (SIF)Infrastructure
  46. Researcher: Soma Parija   Supervised By: Dr. A. Shukla
    Understanding Behavior in Virtual World : Role of Personality Loneliness and Online Flow,  2014   (HSSM)Humanities, Social Sciences & Management
  47. Researcher: Sanket Nayak   Supervised By: Prof. S.C. Dutta, Dr. D.Pasla
    Seismic Behavior of Masonry Structures,  2014   (SIF)Infrastructure
  48. Researcher: Subrat Kumar Pattanayak   Supervised By: Dr. S. Chowdhuri
    Structure, Dynamics and Hydrogen Bond Properties of N-Methylacetamide and its Aqueous Solution in Different Thermodynamic Conditions: A Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study,  2014   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  49. Researcher: Dibya Prakash Jena   Supervised By: Dr. S.N. Panigrahi
    Development of Active and Passive Filters for Improving Quality of Acoustic and Vibration based Condition Monitorin,  2014   (SMS)Mechanical Sciences
  50. Researcher: Ajith Kumar, K.K.   Supervised By: Prof. M. Chakraborty, Dr. U.T.S. Pillai
    Processing, Properties and Modification of Mg-Si Alloys,  2014   (SMS)Mechanical Sciences
  51. Researcher: Vikas Baghel   Supervised By: Prof. G.Panda
    Development and Performance Evaluation of a Class of Novel Radar Pulse Compression Techniques,  2014   (SES)Electrical Sciences
  52. Researcher: Akshaya Kumar Verma   Supervised By: Dr.P. Bhunia and Dr. R. R. Dash
    Development of an Integrated Treatment system for Removal of Color and Cod from Textile Wastewater,  2014   (SIF)Infrastructure
  53. Researcher: Sisir Mantry   Supervised By: Prof. M. Chakraborty,Prof. B. K. Mishra
    Characteristics of Plasma Sprayed Nanostructured Yttria Stabilized Zirconia (YSZ) Coatings Doped with La2Ce2O7,  2014   (SMS)Mechanical Sciences
  54. Researcher: Hemalata Jena   Supervised By: Prof. A. K. Pradhan,Prof. M. K. Pandit
  55. Researcher: Sambit Kumar Parida   Supervised By: Dr. A. K. Pradhan
    Adhesion failure and delamination Analysis in Lap Shear Joints made with FRP composite and FGM panels,  2014   (SMS)Mechanical Sciences
  56. Researcher: Litismita Jena   Supervised By: Dr. Sabyasachi Pani
    Matrix Splittings, Generalized Inverses and Linear Complementary Problems.,  2014   (SBS)Basic Sciences
  57. Researcher: Siva Ganesh Malla   Supervised By: Dr. Chandrashekhar N. Bhende
    Development and Performance Evaluation of Novel Control Schemes for Stand-Alone Renewal Energy Systems,  2014   (SES)Electrical Sciences
  58. Researcher: Ankita Samui   Supervised By: Dr. S. R. Samantaray
    Islanding Detection in Distributed Generation,  2013   (SES)Electrical Sciences
  59. Researcher: Satyasai Jagannath Nanda   Supervised By: Prof. G. Panda
    Development of New Signal Processing and Nature- Inspired Algorithms for Partitional Clustering,  2013   (SES)Electrical Sciences
  60. Researcher: Bijayananda Patnaik   Supervised By: Dr. P.K. Sahu
    Design and Analysis of Ultrahigh Bit-Rate Optical Communication Systems,  2012   (SES)Electrical Sciences
  61. Researcher: Pyari Mohan Pradhan   Supervised By: Prof. G. Panda
    Novel Signal Processing Techniques for Spectrum Sensing and Cognitive Radio Engine Design,  2012   (SES)Electrical Sciences
  62. Researcher: Nithin V. George   Supervised By: Prof. G. Panda
    Development of a Class of Adaptive Algorithm for Active Noise Control,  2012   (SES)Electrical Sciences