S.N. List of Titles for OSA-Optics InfoBase for 2011 Coverage Period
1 Advances in Optics and Photonics  2009–Present
2 Applied Optics  1962–Present
3 Journal of the Optical  Society of America (Backfile) 1917–1983
4 Journal of the Optical  Society of America A  1984–Present
5  Journal of the Optical Society of America B         1984–Present
6  Optics Express 1997–Present
7 Optics Letters  1977–Present
8 Optics News (Backfile) 1975-1989
9 Optics & Photonics News  1990–Present
10  Chinese Optics Letters  2003–Present
11 Journal of Display Technology  2005–Present
12 Journal of Light wave   Technology  1998–Present
13  Journal of Optical Communications and Networking 2009–Present
14 Journal of Optical Networking (Backfile) 2002-2009
15  Journal of Optical Technology  1999–Present
16 Applied Spectroscopy  1946– Present
17 OSA Conference Papers  1979–Present
18 Biomedical Optics Letters 2010-Present
19 Journal of the Optical  Society of Korea 1997-Present