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  1. VenugopalA.AgrawalA.PrabhuS.V.,   
    "Vortex dynamics of a trapezoidal bluff body placed inside a circular pipe",   Journal of TurbulenceTaylor and Francis Ltd.1-242017  (SMS)School of Mechanical Sciences
  2. SwainA.DasM.K.,   
    "Performance of porous coated 5 × 3 staggered horizontal tube bundle under flow boiling",   Applied Thermal EngineeringElsevier LtdVolume 128444-4522018  (SMS)School of Mechanical Sciences
  3. "Enhanced Pseudocapacitance of MoO3-Reduced Graphene Oxide Hybrids with Insight from Density Functional Theory Investigations",   Journal of Physical Chemistry CAmerican Chemical SocietyVolume 121 (Issue 35)18992-190012017  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  4. RemyaN.LinJ.-G.,   
    "Optimization of carbofuran degradation in microwave-granular activated carbon system using response surface methodology",   Journal of Environmental Chemical EngineeringElsevier LtdVolume 5 (Issue 5)4751-47582017  (SIF)School of Infrastructure
  5. "Advances on Sensing Technologies for Smart Cities and Power Grids: A Review",   IEEE Sensors JournalInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.2017  (SES)School of Electrical Sciences
  6. "Structural and Energetic Analysis of Molecular Assemblies in a Series of Nicotinamide and Pyrazinamide Cocrystals with Dihydroxybenzoic Acids",   Crystal Growth and DesignAmerican Chemical SocietyVolume 17 (Issue 9)4918-49312017  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  7. OjoS.O.BudarapuP.R.PaggiM.,   
    "A nonlocal adaptive discrete empirical interpolation method combined with modified hp-refinement for order reduction of molecular dynamics systems",   Computational Materials ScienceElsevier B.V.Volume 140189-2082017  (SMS)School of Mechanical Sciences
  8. VasundharaPuhanN.B.PandaG.,   
    "De-Correlated Improved Adaptive Exponential FLAF-Based Nonlinear Adaptive Feedback Cancellation for Hearing Aids",   IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular PapersInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.2017  (SES)School of Electrical Sciences
  9. SamantaK.TsogbayarT.ZhangS.B.YeagerD.L.,   
    "Electron-Atom and Electron-Molecule Resonances: Some Theoretical Approaches Using Complex Scaled Multiconfigurational Methods",   Advances in Quantum ChemistryAcademic Press Inc.2017  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  10. PradhanC.BhendeC.N.SamantaA.K.,   
    "Adaptive virtual inertia-based frequency regulation in wind power systems",   Renewable EnergyElsevier LtdVolume 115558-5742018  (SES)School of Electrical Sciences
  11. SahooS.JhaB.B.SahooT.K.MandalA.,   
    "Influence of reinforcement and processing on steel-based composites: Microstructure and mechanical response",   Materials and Manufacturing ProcessesTaylor and Francis Inc.1-82017  (SMMME)School of Minerals, Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
  12. "Supramolecular architecture of 5-bromo-7-methoxy-1-methyl-1H-benzoimidazole.3H2O: Synthesis, spectroscopic investigations, DFT computation, MD simulations and docking studies",   Journal of Molecular StructureElsevier B.V.Volume 1149602-6122017  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  13. SatijaU.RamkumarB.ManikandanS.M.,   
    "Real-Time Signal Quality-Aware ECG Telemetry System for IoT-Based Health Care Monitoring",   IEEE Internet of Things JournalInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.Volume 4 (Issue 3)815-8232017  (SES)School of Electrical Sciences
  14. "Search for top quark partners with charge 5/3 in proton-proton collisions at √s=13 TeV",   Journal of High Energy Physics , Springer VerlagVolume 2017 (Issue 8)2017  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  15. ZimikH.V.FarooqS.H.PrustyP.,   
    "Geochemical evaluation of thermal springs in Odisha, India",   Environmental Earth SciencesSpringer VerlagVolume 76 (Issue 17)2017  (SEOCS)School of Earth, Ocean and Climate Sciences
  16. "Free vibration analysis of tapered columns under self-weight using pseudospectral method",   Journal of VibroengineeringVibromechanikaVolume 18 (Issue 7)4583-45912017  (SMMME)School of Minerals, Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
  17. KumarD.SamantarayS.R.KamwaI.,   
    "MOSOA-based multiobjective design of power distribution systems",   IEEE Systems JournalInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.Volume 11 (Issue 2)1182-11952017  (SES)School of Electrical Sciences
  18. KarS.SamantarayS.R.ZadehM.D.,   
    "Data-Mining Model Based Intelligent Differential Microgrid Protection Scheme",   IEEE Systems JournalInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.Volume 11 (Issue 2)1161-11692017  (SES)School of Electrical Sciences
  19. "Prediction of kharif rice yield at Kharagpur using disaggregated extended range rainfall forecasts",   Theoretical and Applied ClimatologySpringer-Verlag Wien1-172017  (SEOCS)School of Earth, Ocean and Climate Sciences
  20. RoutP.R.BhuniaP.DashR.R.,   
  21. BhamidipatiC.YerraP.K.,   
    "Heat engines for dilatonic Born–Infeld black holes",   European Physical Journal CSpringer New York LLCVolume 77 (Issue 8)2017  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  22. VermaA.K.RathP.MahapatraS.K.,   
    "Assessment of Thermal Damage During Skin Tumor Treatment Using Thermal Wave Model: A Realistic Approach",   Journal of Heat TransferAmerican Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)Volume 139 (Issue 5)2017  (SMS)School of Mechanical Sciences
  23. KumarR.[et al.],   
    "Synthesis of reduced graphene oxide nanosheet-supported agglomerated cobalt oxide nanoparticles and their enhanced electron field emission properties",   New Journal of ChemistryRoyal Society of ChemistryVolume 41 (Issue 16)8431-84362017  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  24. NaiduY.R.OjhaA.K.,   
    "A space transformational invasive weed optimization for solving fixed-point problems",   Applied IntelligenceSpringer New York LLC1-112017  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  25. SainiN.[et al.],   
    "A comparative study of ductile-brittle transition behavior and fractography of P91 and P92 steel",   Engineering Failure AnalysisElsevier Ltd2017  (SMS)School of Mechanical Sciences
  26. PandaG.GoswamiV.BanikD.,   
    "Equilibrium behaviour and social optimization in Markovian queues with impatient customers and variant of working vacations ",   RAIRO - Operations ResearchEDP SciencesVolume 51 (Issue 3)685-7072017  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  27. "Search for third-generation scalar leptoquarks and heavy right-handed neutrinos in final states with two tau leptons and two jets in proton-proton collisions at √s=13 TeV",   Journal of High Energy PhysicsSpringer VerlagVolume 2017 (Issue 7)2017  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  28. "Improvement in the performance of the vortex flowmeter using contraction cone",   Measurement: Journal of the International Measurement ConfederationElsevier B.V.Volume 111316-3322017  (SMS)School of Mechanical Sciences
  29. SahooN.R.MohapatraP.K.J.MahantyB.,   
    "Examining the process of normalising the energy-efficiency targets for coal-based thermal power sector in India",   Renewable and Sustainable Energy ReviewsElsevier LtdVolume 81342-3522018  (SMMME)School of Minerals, Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
  30. "Evaluation of the CROPGRO-Peanut model in simulating appropriate sowing date and phosphorus fertilizer application rate for peanut in a subtropical region of eastern India",   Crop JournalCrop Science Society of China/ Institute of Crop SciencesVolume 5 (Issue 4)317-3252017  (SIF)School of Infrastructure
Total Results: 1322