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  1. "Search for dark matter produced in association with a Higgs boson decaying to γγ or τ + τ − at √s=13 TeV",   Journal of High Energy Physics, 2018(9)Springer Verlag2018 (9)2018  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  2. New NairG.S.DashS.R.MondalG.,   
    "Review of Pipeline Performance during Earthquakes since 1906",   Journal of Performance of Constructed FacilitiesAmerican Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)32 (6)2018  (SIF)School of Infrastructure
  3. New BabuK.A.RamkumarB.ManikandanM.S.,   
    "Automatic Identification of S1 and S2 Heart Sounds Using Simultaneous PCG and PPG Recordings",   IEEE Sensors Journal 2018  (SES)School of Electrical Sciences
  4. New ThalmeierR.BahinipatiS.,   
    "The Belle II silicon vertex detector: Assembly and initial results",   Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment. Elsevier B.V.2018  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  5. "Constraints on models of scalar and vector leptoquarks decaying to a quark and a neutrino at s =13 TeV",   Physical Review D American Physical Society98 (3)2018  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  6. "Search for additional neutral MSSM Higgs bosons in the τ τ final state in proton-proton collisions at √s=13 TeV",   Journal of High Energy PhysicsOpen Access Springer Verlag2018 (9)2018  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  7. New SahooA.K.SahuN.C.SahooD.,   
    "Impact of policy reforms on the productivity growth of Indian coal mining: A decomposition analysis",   Resources Policy2018  (HSSM)School of Humanities, Social Sciences & Management
  8. "Search for vector-like T and B quark pairs in final states with leptons at √s=13 TeV",   Journal of High Energy PhysicsSpringer Verlag2018 (8)2018  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  9. "Elliptic Flow of Charm and Strange Hadrons in High-Multiplicity p+Pb Collisions at sNN =8.16 TeV",   Physical Review Letters 121 (8)2018  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  10. New PatraS.ShahuJ.T.,   
    "A Mechanistic Pullout Model for GRS Walls Under Kinematic Consideration",   Indian Geotechnical Journal 48 (3)529-5402018  (SIF)School of Infrastructure
  11. "Characterization of Settled Particles of the Red Mud Waste Exposed to Different Aqueous Environmental Conditions",   Indian Geotechnical JournalSpringer48 (3)405-4192018  (SIF)School of Infrastructure
  12. New KimJ.-H.HongG.-S.KimB.-G.DograD.P.,   
    "deepGesture: Deep learning-based gesture recognition scheme using motion sensors",   Displays Elsevier B.V.2018  (SES)School of Electrical Sciences
  13. New PandeyC.MahapatraM.M.KumarP.SirohiS.,   
    "Fracture behaviour of crept P91 welded sample for different post weld heat treatments condition",   Engineering Failure AnalysisElsevier Ltd95 (2019)18-292018  (SMS)School of Mechanical Sciences
  14. New RamizM.M.MondalM.E.A.FarooqS.H,   
  15. "Search for narrow and broad dijet resonances in proton-proton collisions at √s=13 TeV and constraints on dark matter mediators and other new particles",   Journal of High Energy Physics Springer Verlag2018 (8)2018  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  16. New BoriwalL.SarviyaR.M.MahapatraM.M.,   
    "Weld bonding process analysis for tensile shear strength and peel strength of weld bonded joints of dissimilar steel sheets",   Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part E: Journal of Process Mechanical Engineering.SAGE Publications Ltd2018  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  17. New MohantyB.NaikK.K.,   
    "Efficient Photoelectrocatalytic Activity of CuWO4 Nanoplates towards the Oxidation of NADH Driven in Visible Light",   ChemistrySelect 3 (31)9008-90122018  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  18. New ChauhanP.S.KantR.RaiA.GuptaA.BhattacharyaS.,   
    "Facile synthesis of ZnO/GO nanoflowers over Si substrate for improved photocatalytic decolorization of MB dye and industrial wastewater under solar irradiation",   Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing Elsevier Ltd896-172019  (SMS)School of Mechanical Sciences
  19. New RemyaN.SwainA.,   
    "Soft drink industry wastewater treatment in microwave photocatalytic system – Exploration of removal efficiency and degradation mechanism",   Separation and Purification TechnologyElsevier B.V.210600-6072018  (SIF)School of Infrastructure
  20. "Search for resonant pair production of Higgs bosons decaying to bottom quark-antiquark pairs in proton-proton collisions at 13 TeV",   Journal of High Energy PhysicsSpringer Verlag2018 (8)2018  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  21. New GhoshS.SarkarS.SivakumarR.SekharT.V.S.,   
    "Full magnetohydrodynamic flow past a circular cylinder considering the penetration of magnetic field",   Physics of FluidsAmerican Institute of Physics Inc.30 (8)2018  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  22. New BiswalD.R.SahooU.C.DashS.R,   
    "Non-destructive strength and stiffness evaluation of cement-stabilised granular lateritic soils",   Road Materials and Pavement Design Taylor and Francis Ltd.2018  (SIF)School of Infrastructure
  23. New PandeyC.Mohan MahapatraM.KumarP.ThakreJ.G.SainiN.,   
    "Role of evolving microstructure on the mechanical behaviour of P92 steel welded joint in as-welded and post weld heat treated state",   Journal of Materials Processing Technology Elsevier Ltd263241-2552019  (SMS)School of Mechanical Sciences
  24. New DassS.JhaR.,   
    "Micro-tip Cantilever as Low Frequency Microphone",   Scientific ReportsNature Publishing Group8 (1)2018  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  25. "Belle II silicon vertex detector (SVD)",   Springer Proceedings in Physics Springer Science and Business Media, LLC213414-4202018  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  26. New AnandA.SinghR.GhoshM.K.SanjayK.,   
    "Factorial design for process optimization and generation of kinetic data for yttrium and europium leaching",   Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy: Transactions of the Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Taylor and Francis Ltd.2018  (SMMME)School of Minerals, Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
  27. New GiriJ.P.PandaM.,   
    "Impact of filler on engineering characteristics of bituminous paving mixes with recycled concrete aggregates",   Advances in Civil Engineering Materials ASTM International7 (2)2018  (SIF)School of Infrastructure
  28. "Search for beyond the standard model Higgs bosons decaying into a bb ¯ pair in pp collisions at √s=13 TeV",   Journal of High Energy Physics, 2018(8) Springer Verlag2018 (8)2018  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  29. "Measurement of the cross section for top quark pair production in association with a W or Z boson in proton-proton collisions at √s=13 TeV",   Journal of High Energy PhysicsSpringer Verlag2018 (8)2018  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
  30. "Constraining Gluon Distributions in Nuclei Using Dijets in Proton-Proton and Proton-Lead Collisions at sNN =5.02 TeV",   Physical Review LettersAmerican Physical Society121 (6)2018  (SBS)School of Basic Sciences
Total Results: 2053